Impact of UV Treatment on Hydroid Biofouling in Generator Cooling Pipes at Parker Dam

Project ID: 1712
Principal Investigator: Sherri Pucherelli
Research Topic: Invasive Species
Funded Fiscal Years: 2017 and 2018
Keywords: None

Research Question

Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment units were recently installed at Parker Dam, AZ to control quagga mussel settlement in generator cooling systems. During the 2015 summer season, biofouling issues, not associated with mussels, began to increase at Parker and Davis Dams leading to frequent cleaning of strainers. During the 2015 sampling season TSC researchers identified a new invasive species in the lower Colorado River system that is likely partially to blame for the increased biofouling. Samples collected from Lake Powell, Mead, Mohave, and Havasu were identified as Cordylophora caspia, an invasive hydroid. The goal of this research study is to determine if UV light treatment is capable of preventing hydroid settlement and reducing overall biofouling in generator cooling systems at Parker Dam.

Need and Benefit

Hydroid biofouling poses a significant threat to Reclamation facilities, and this research may provide information about the effectiveness of UV treatments to prevent settlement. Conventional treatment methods such as chemical oxidant treatment (chlorine) are costly, environmentally adverse, and require discharge permitting. Consequently, there is a need for innovative treatment methods and technologies that will prevent or limit colonization. Reclamation facilities would be particularly interested in UV treatment for hydroid settlement because it does not require discharge permitting and has no detrimental effects to the environment. Hydroids are found throughout the western United States and if this research finds that UV treatment is effective, it is possible that many Reclamation facilities would benefit.

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Impact of UV Treatment on Hydroid Biofouling in Generator Cooling Pipes at Parker Dam (final, PDF, 2.9MB)
By Sherri Pucherelli
Research Product completed on September 30, 2018

This research product summarizes the research results and potential application to Reclamation's mission.

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