Ranking and Categorizing Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening Western US Waters

Project ID: 7135
Principal Investigator: Denise Holser
Research Topic: Invasive Species
Funded Fiscal Years: 2017 and 2018
Keywords: None

Research Question

Can a list of invasive species of concern be compiled to assist Reclamation in early detection and management prior to a known occurrence?

Need and Benefit

Numerous aquatic invasive species exist in US, but have not traveled into the 17 western states where Reclamation Facilities exist. The need to be able to effectively manage and control these species is of urgent need to the Reclamation Facility Managers and fisheries. The benefit of this research is that it will create a resource where information on a current aquatic invasive species threats, along with the niche and known control methods may be readily available.

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Last Updated: 4/4/17