Reclamation works with federal and non-federal partners to provide quality recreation opportunities throughout the Upper Snake River reach. Recreation areas can include campgrounds, day use areas, parking areas, boat ramps, restrooms, roads, and visitor centers. Recreation complexes usually encompass an entire reservoir area defined by an established boundary. SRAO has one Outdoor Recreation Planner who administers cost-sharing agreements for parks and recreation areas, and oversees budget, design, and planning of construction projects for improvements and rehabilitation to Reclamation lands and facilities.

Please check with managing agencies for information about fees, use, and regulations at each site; they are all different.

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Please visit for boat ramp elevations.

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Recreation Site Manager Phone # Web Address
American Falls Reservoir
(West Boat Ramp)
Bingham County
Seagull Bay Yacht
City of American Falls
Bureau of Reclamation
(208) 397-3000
(208) 226-2086
(208) 226-2688
(208) 226-2217
Sportsman's Park
Willow Bay
American Falls Dam
Anderson Ranch Dam Boise National Forest (208) 587-7961 Boise National Forest
Boat Ramp Elevations
Anderson Ranch Dam
Arrowrock Reservoir Boise National Forest (208) 587-7961 Boise National Forest
Boat Ramp Elevations
Arrowrock Dam
Barber Observation Point City of Boise (208) 384-4240 Barber Observation Point
Black Canyon Reservoir Bureau of Reclamation (208) 365-2682 Black Canyon Parks
Black Canyon Dam
Cartier Slough WMA Idaho Fish & Game (208) 525-7290 Cartier Slough WMA
Cascade Lake Idaho Parks & Recreation
Cascade Lake 4-H Camp
(208) 382-6544
(208) 365-3259
Lake Cascade State Park
Boat Ramp Elevations
Cascade Dam
Deadwood Reservoir Boise National Forest (208) 259-3361 Boat Ramp Elevations
Deadwood Dam
Hereth Park City of Lewiston (208) 746-2313 Hereth Park
Idaho Department of Fish & Game   (208) 334-3700
Lake Lowell US Fish & Wildlife Service (208) 467-9278 Deer Flat NWR
Boat Ramp Elevations
Deer Flat Lower Embankment
Lake Waha Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District (208) 746-8235
Lake Walcott Idaho Parks & Recreation
US Fish & Wildlife Service
(208) 436-1258
(208) 436-3589
Lake Walcott State Park
Minidoka NWR
Boat Ramp Elevations
Minidoka Dam
Little Wood Reservoir
*Note: No drinking water is available at the campground.
Coliform bacteria detected.
Bureau of Reclamation (208) 678-0461 Boat Ramp Elevations
Little Wood Dam
Mann Creek Reservoir Payette National Forest (208) 634-0700 Mann Creek Campground
Mann Creek Dam
Minidoka Dam Idaho Fish and Game (208) 436-3589 Minidoka NWR
Minidoka Dam
Minidoka Recreation Area Map
Montour Wildlife Management Area Idaho Fish & Game (208) 465-8465 Montour WMA
Palisades Riverside Park Caribou-Targhee NF (208) 523-1412 Caribou-Targhee NF
Boat Ramp Elevations
Palisades Dam
Reservoir A Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District (208) 799-5010
Reservoir "A" Dam
Ririe Reservoir Bonneville County (208) 538-7285 Bonneville County Park & Recreation
Boat Ramp Elevations
Ririe Dam
Soldiers Meadow Reservoir Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District (208) 799-5010
Soldiers Meadow Dam
Tex Creek WMA Idaho Fish & Game (208) 525-7290 Tex Creek WMA
Warm Springs Reservoir Bureau of Reclamation (208) 334-1460
Warm Springs Dam
Willow Creek Campground SISCRA (208) 325-8130 Willow Creek Campground
Idaho Fish & Game   (208) 334-3700

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Recreation Site Manager Phone # Web Address
Beulah Reservoir Malheur County (541) 473-2969 Malheur County
Agency Valley Dam
Bully Creek Reservoir Malheur County (541) 473-2969 Malheur County
Bully Creek Dam
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife   (503) 947-6000
(800) 720-6339
Owhyee Reservoir Oregon State Parks (800) 551-6949 Lake Owyhee State Park
Boat Ramp Elevations
Owyhee Dam
Phillips Lake Wallowa-Whitman NF (541) 523-6391
Mason Dam
Thief Valley Campground Bureau of Reclamation (208) 378-5312
Thief Valley Dam
Unity Reservoir Oregon State Parks (503) 378-4168 Unity Lake State Recreation Site
Boat Ramp Elevations
Unity Dam

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Recreation Site Manager Phone # Web Address
Grassy Lake Targhee National Forest
Grassy Lake Dam
Jackson Lake National Park Service (307) 739-3300 Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Lake Boat Ramp
Jackson Lake Dam
Wyoming Fish & Game Department

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Last Updated: 8/6/20