Dams, Projects and Powerplants

Snake River Area Office manages 27 dams and reservoirs with a total active capacity of approximately 6.8 million acre-feet, providing water to 83,000 farmers and more than 30,000 farms. Six powerplants provide 821,870 megawatt hours of electricity annually. The Middle Snake Field Office manages the dams and projects from eastern Oregon to King Hill, and the Upper Snake Field Office manages the area from King Hill to western Wyoming.

The Snake River Area is divided into the Upper Snake and Middle Snake
Middle Snake Field Office
230 Collins Road
Boise, Idaho 83702-4520
Bryan Horsburgh
Deputy Area Manager
(208) 383-2251

Project Dam Powerplant State
Baker Project Mason Dam   Oregon
Thief Valley Dam   Oregon
Boise Project Anderson Ranch Dam Anderson Ranch Powerplant Idaho
Arrowrock Dam   Idaho
Black Canyon Diversion Dam Black Canyon Powerplant Idaho
Boise River Diversion Dam Boise River Diversion Powerplant Idaho
Cascade Dam   Idaho
Deadwood Dam   Idaho
Deer Flat Lower Embankment   Idaho
Deer Flat Middle Embankment   Idaho
Deer Flat Upper Embankment   Idaho
Burnt River Project Unity Dam   Oregon
Lewiston Orchards Project Reservoir A Dam   Idaho
Soldiers Meadow Dam   Idaho
Mann Creek Project Mann Creek Dam   Idaho
Owyhee Project Owyhee Dam   Oregon
Vale Project Agency Valley Dam   Oregon
Bully Creek Dam   Oregon
Warm Springs Dam   Oregon
Upper Snake Field Office
470 22nd Street
Heyburn, Idaho 83336
Michael Hilliard
Assistant Area Manager
(208) 678-0461 x34
Project Dam Powerplant State
Little Wood River Project Little Wood River Dam   Idaho
Michaud Flats Project     Idaho
Minidoka Project American Falls Dam   Idaho
Grassy Lake Dam   Wyoming
Island Park Dam   Idaho
Jackson Lake Dam   Wyoming
Minidoka Dam Minidoka Dam Powerplant Idaho
Palisades Project Palisades Dam Palisades Powerplant Idaho
Ririe Project Ririe Dam   Idaho
Teton Basin Project Teton Dam   Idaho

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