Guidelines for Crossings

New York Canal, Boise, Idaho

These guidelines and documents provide information that will be used when reviewing the engineering and operations and maintenance aspects of requests to authorize the crossing and use of Reclamation lands that contain project features such as levees, canals, pipelines, or other water conveyance facilities owned or administered by Reclamation.

The guidelines also include a general overview of the application permitting process for land use authorizations allowing a particular use on lands under the administration of Reclamation, and provide minimum engineering and construction recommendations for use in reviewing and evaluating applications.

Reference Documents
2008 Engineering and O&M Guidelines for Crossings
Bureau of Reclamation Water Conveyance Facilities
(Canals, Pipelines, and Similar Facilities) PDF 608 kb
1978 Design of Small Canal Structures
Engineering Technology Pertaining Primarily to the Design of Small Canal Structures of Less than 100 CFS Capacity PDF 30.4 mb
1970 Commonly Used Drawings for Open Irrigation Systems
Report No. CB-5, March 1968, revised August 1970 PDF 13 mb
1967 Design Standards No. 3 Canals and Related Structures PDF 20.6 mb
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