What do I have to do to apply?

Step 1: Follow the detailed instructions on how to apply contained in the Federal regulations at 43 CFR 429, or contained in the following application forms:

Use Authorization Application, Form 7-2540 [click here to access Form 7-2540 in "pdf" format ], or

Application for Transportation and Utility Systems and Facilities on Federal Lands, Standard Form 299 [click here to access Standard Form 299 ]

Step 2: Make sure to attach all plans, specifications, maps, and drawings as required under either application.

Step 3: Enclose an application fee of $100, payable to the Bureau of Reclamation.

Step 4: Submit your completed application with all plans, specifications, maps, and drawings, and application fee to your local or regional Bureau of Reclamation office [click here to find the addresses to the local or regional Reclamation office in your area].

Authority:  43 CFR §429 Subpart C

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