What kinds of uses might be authorized by Reclamation?

Reclamation will determine if the requested use is compatible with authorized project purposes, is in the best interests of the public, and is consistent with appropriate resources management and environmental considerations for the area. Examples of activities which may be authorized include:

  • special events;
  • utility crossings;
  • crossings on, over, or under Reclamation lands, surface of waters, and facilities inclusive of crossings where Reclamation holds a controlling easement interest;
  • communication lines and sites including micro-wave towers, pipelines, transmission lines, roads, trails, and other linear and aerial facilities and their associated uses (lateral encroachments will not be considered);
  • livestock grazing;
  • farming, or other agricultural practices;
  • commercial filming and photography;
  • archeology and paleontology research and excavations;
  • commercial or organized sporting events including guide services, commercial trapping, etc.; and
  • any other use deemed appropriate by Reclamation.

Issuance of a use authorization does not relieve the applicant of obtaining any other permits and authorizations that may be required for the proposed activity, such as NEPA compliance, 404 permits, business/concessionaire permits, etc.

Authority:  43 CFR §429.3

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