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Reclamation works in partnership with local landowners, representatives from states, tribes, other federal agencies, and conservation groups on habitat projects to improve spawning and rearing habitat for Columbia River Basin salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Habitat projects are focused on providing technical services including project coordination, environmental compliance, permit application, engineering design, and construction monitoring to local project sponsors who obtain federal, state, and private funding to construct the habitat projects.

Reclamation contributions are limited to instream habitat projects that:

  • increase streamflow through water acquisition or lease
  • remove barriers to improve access to a greater range of spawning and rearing habitat
  • replace screens on water diversions to reduce entrainment of fish in water delivery systems
  • increase channel complexity through side-channel and floodplain reconnections

Subbasin liaisons (trained biologists or engineers) are stationed in Wenatchee and Twisp, Washington; John Day and La Grande, Oregon; and Salmon, Idaho.

Featured Projects
Upper Columbia: Whitefish Island Project, Tyee Project
Grande Ronde: Catherine Creek Project
John Day: Oxbow Project
Upper Salmon: Yankee Fork Project

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