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Oxbow Conservation Area Dredge Tailings Rehabilitation Project

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The Middle Fork John Day River on the CTWSRO’s Oxbow Conservation area was dredged mined for gold in the early 1940s. Dredging operations left a dredge channel (North Channel) that cut off Granite Boulder Creek and split the flow of the river. The South Channel, which is the natural Middle Fork John Day River, is in an undisturbed floodplain. Since the North Channel was a ditch, it provided very little rearing habitat and took water flow away from the natural channel as well as intercepting cold water from Granite Boulder Creek.

Phase I of the project placed about 400 logs in the South Channel as constructed logjams, and singel log placements to increase habitat complexity in preparation for restoration of full river flows in Phase II.

The Phase II project target was to rehabilitate land forms altered by the gold dredging back to a condition similar to pre-mining disturbance. These actions include:

  • construction of about 1,000 feet of new channel to reconnect Granite Boulder Creek to the natural Middle Fork River channel,
  • grading of tailings to rehabilitate topography to an alluvial fan condition and open additional floodplain to the river,
  • removal of about 3,400 feet of the North Channel ditch,
  • covering the regraded tailings surfaces with soil,
  • planting and seeding of the disturbed areas, and
  • fencing the new channel to maximize plant growth that would otherwise be suppressed by ungulate browse.
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