Water Year 2021 Timeline


  • October 1 – The Central Valley Project (CVP) begins the 2021 water year with 6.01 million acre-feet of storage.





  • Sacramento River Settlement Contractors voluntarily participate in water transfers by making water available through groundwater substitution and cropland idling/crop shifting. SRSC pump groundwater in-lieu of diverting surface water, thereby making surface water available for transfer.



  • July 28 – Reclamation assists DWR with completion of an emergency drought salinity barrier. Located near the mouth of the West False River in the Delta, the 800-foot-long, 30-foot-deep barrier was built with 112,000 tons of riprap rock to prevent saltwater contamination of the water used by millions of Californians who rely on the federal and state water projects for at least some of their supply.


September 2020

  • September 30 – the CVP ends the water year with 3.21 million acre-feet of stored water.

 Shasta Reservoir – October 7, 2021

Last Updated: 10/13/21