Moving Forward Phase 1 Report
Chapter 5: Environmental and Recreational Flows

Phase 1 Report

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Executive Summary
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Moving Forward Effort
Chapter 3: M&I Water Conservation
Chapter 4: Agricultural Water Conservation
Chapter 5: Environmental & Recreational Flows
Chapter 6: Summary

Chapter 5: Environmental and Recreational Flows

Chapter 5 of the Phase 1 Report documents the Environmental and Recreational Flows Workgroup’s Phase 1 activities. The Workgroup built upon the Colorado River Basin Study’s assessment of environmental and recreational flows to identify ideas for potential future voluntary, non-regulatory solutions that protect or improve ecological and recreational resources while supporting other management goals. These integrated solutions are intended to benefit multiple uses, both consumptive and non-consumptive, including hydropower.

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Chapter 5, Environmental and Recreational Flows

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Appendix 5A, Focus Reach Selection Process Data

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Appendix 5B, Existing Ecological, Recreational, and Hydropower Programs

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