Archived Photographs from the Missouri Basin and Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas Gulf Regions:

Click on file name to view image. All photographs are 24 bit color images at 72 dots per inch resolution. Image dimensions shown after caption.

Frequently requested scenic views

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GP001: Pathfinder Dam (Wyoming) aerial during record flood, June, 1984. (678 by 1028 pixels)

GP002: Powerplant in Big Thompson canyon (part of Colorado Big Thompson Project, CO). (1278 by 905 pixels)

GP003: Canyon Ferry Dam and Reservoir, near Helena, Montana. (1278 by 882 pixels)

GP004: Sailboats in Canyon Ferry Marina. (1278 by 876 pixels)

GP005: Scenic of the upper Arkansas River near Leadville, Colorado. (1278 by 872 pixels)

GP006: Recreation on Alcova Reservoir on the North Platte River near Casper, Wyoming. (1274 by 900 pixels)

GP007: Recreation on Alcova Reservoir on the North Platte River near Casper, Wyoming. (1274 by 907 pixels)

GP008: Buffalo Bill Dam, WY, with the visitor center at the crest of the dam. (688 by 1028 pixels)

GP009: The historic Shoshone Powerplant below Buffalo Bill Dam near Cody, Wyoming. (1278 by 845 pixels)

GP010: Downstream aerial view of Glendo Dam, Wyoming, looking down upon wetland area. (1280 by 882 pixels)

GP011: Glendo marina at sunset. (1274 by 922 pixels)

GP012: Grand Lake aerial. Shows west slope features of Colorado Big Thompson Project, Colorado. (1287 by 890 pixels)

GP013: McGee Creek Dam, Oklahoma, view shows intake structure for the municipal water system. (1278 by 861 pixels)

GP014: Rocky shore near Norman Dam, Oklahoma. (1278 by 861 pixels)

GP015: Boys fishing at accessible pond at Pueblo State Park below Pueblo Dam, Colorado. (741 by 505 pixels)

GP016: Aerial view of Pactola Dam and Reservoir in the Black Hills of South Dakota. (1280 by 942 pixels)

GP017: Snowy peak in Montana. (1098 by 738 pixels)

GP018: Scenic of worker participating in the annual river cleanup on the upper Arkansas, Colorado. (707 by 1022 pixels)

GP019: Twin Lakes, Colorado, part of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project. (1274 by 923 pixels)

GP020: Sailing at Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Montana. (687 by 1024 pixels)

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