Bureau of Reclamation
Cultural Resources Management Contacts

Regional Map

Denver Office

Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region

California-Great Basin Region

Policy and Programs
(Denver, CO)

Joseph Giliberti
(Federal Preservation Officer)
Environmental Compliance Division,
PO Box 25007
Denver, CO 80225-0007
Phone: 303-445-3206
Fax: 720-544-4840

Regional Office
(Boise, ID)

Sean Hess
(Regional Archaeologist)
Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region,
1150 N. Curtis Road, Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706
Phone: 208-378-5316
Fax: 208-378-5305

Regional Office
(Sacramento, CA)

Scott Williams
(Regional Archaeologist)
California-Great Basin Region,
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-978-5042
Fax: 916-978-5055

Lower Colorado Basin Region

Upper Colorado Basin Region

Missouri Basin and Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas Gulf Regions

Regional Office
(Boulder City, NV)

Justin DeMaio
(Regional Archaeologist)
Lower Colorado Basin Regional Office,
PO Box 61470
Boulder City, NV 89006-1470
Phone: 702-293-8359
Fax: 702-293-8418

Regional Office
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Zachary Nelson
(Regional Archaeologist)
Upper Colorado Basin Region, UC-422
302 East Lakeview Parkway
Provo, UT 84606
Phone: 801-379-1164
Fax: 801-524-5499
Regional Office
(Billings, MT)

George Shannon
(Regional Archaeologist)
Missouri Basin and Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas Gulf Regions,
PO Box 36900
Billings, MT 59107-6900
Phone: 406-247-7751
Fax: 406-247-7680

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