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Bureau of Reclamation Cultural Resources Policies and Directives and Standards

The Reclamation Manual describes mandatory actions for Reclamation-wide programs. The Reclamation Manual consists of both policy statements, and directives and standards. The following references pertain to the cultural resources program.

Policy Statements

Policy statements establish goals and objectives for Reclamation-wide programs and define the broad framework in which program accomplishments will occur.

Cultural Resources Management (Policy LND P01) ensures that Reclamation maintains a program that reflects the spirit and intent of Federal cultural resources legislative mandates.

Museum Property Management (Policy LND P05) provides accountability for Reclamation’s museum property management.

Directives and Standards

Directives and Standards provide implementing instructions for Reclamation-wide programs.

Cultural Resources Management (Directive and Standard LND 02-01, including Appendix A and Appendix B) ensures that Reclamation manages its cultural resources according to Federal legislative mandates and in a spirit of stewardship; clarifies Reclamation's roles and responsibilities related to cultural resources; and provides direction for consistent implementation of Reclamation's cultural resources management responsibilities.

Museum Property Management (Directive and Standard LND 02-02, including Appendix A and Appendix B) ensures the proper and consistent management of Reclamation’s museum property in compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and the Department of the Interior initiatives; provides accountability through accurate reporting; and provides opportunities for use of museum property.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Project Works that are Historic Properties (Directive and Standard LND 02-03) ensures that Reclamation appropriately manages its historic properties and properties that may be historic in compliance with Federal laws and regulations when O&M activities are undertaken; establishes requirements and procedures when working with project beneficiaries on actions that could affect historic properties; and ensures actions are taken to preserve the integrity and value of historic properties.

Administration of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) on Bureau of Reclamation Land (Directive and Standard LND 02-04) establishes requirements and procedures to prevent the theft from or destruction of archaeological properties on Reclamation land through permitting, law enforcement, and public involvement.

Museum Records establishes the requirement for management of museum records; provides for standardization of data; and improves accountability in tracking museum property data.



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