RRA Resources

Listed below are documents and information that provide additional assistance with determining acreage limitation entitlements and completing RRA forms.

Troubleshooting the Electronic RRA Forms

The electronic RRA forms are created to accommodate the most common computer set-up. There are general tips and hints to resolve the most common issues involving downloading, filling, or printing the RRA forms. Read more...

Status of Irrigation Districts List

The Status of Irrigation Districts List catalogs districts that are subject to the acreage limitation provisions. Included for each district are the project and Reclamation region in which the district is located, the district's acreage limitation status and category, and the type of standard RRA forms generally required for landholders that exceed the district's RRA forms submittal threshold.

  • To navigate within the Status of Irrigation District List, use the bookmark that corresponds to the first letter in the district's name. Use the # bookmark for district names that begin with a number.

RRA Reference Sources

All Reclamation mailings that were distributed to districts subject to the acreage limitation provisions are indexed in two ways. The Index of District Letters sorts the mailings alphabetically by topic. The List of Westwide District Mailings sorts the mailings chronologically by topic. The information in these mailings answers questions regarding various RRA topics.

  • To navigate within each list, click on the date that corresponds to the mailing you would like to view.

The Reference Sources for District Offices document is an additional source for common RRA topics and where information on those topics can be found in the most widely used RRA resources.

RRA Training Materials

The RRA 101 Tutorial provides training on the basic principles, requirements, and applications associated with the acreage limitation provisions. It is available in a PDF format and a Microsoft Powerpoint format.

  • If you are using the Powerpoint format, it is helpful to save a local copy of the Powerpoint file and open the saved copy. Opening the file directly from the browser will sometimes show only the first slide in the presentation. Read more...

An electronic copy of the workshop materials from the most recent RRA Workshop (held in 2010) is available by e-mailing your request to the RRA staff person assigned to your distict or region, and include an e-mail address at which you can receive multiple PDF file attachments if it is different than the e-mail address you use to send your request. Please see the regional contacts page to locate the RRA staff person specific to your district or Reclamation region.

District Responsibilities

The District Responsibilities document details the variety of tasks districts are responsible for performing in the course of day-to-day RRA administration.

Farm Operators

The regulations addressing farm operator RRA form requirements generally became effective on January 1, 2001 (43 CFR Part 428). During Reclamation's implementation activities for these regulations, it became evident there was a need to examine certain legal arrangements, types of services, etc., to determine how the regulations would apply.

As a result, Reclamation developed a list of farm services that are considered to be EXEMPTED from the application of the new regulations. Reclamation also developed a list of similar farm services that are GROUPED into one farm-related service (instead of multiple services) for the purpose of applying the regulations

Signature Authorization and Parental Affirmation

The Spousal Signature Authorization allows one spouse to sign RRA certification, reporting, or declaration forms on behalf of the other spouse. Notarization is required, and the authorization is not applicable retroactively.

The Entity Signature Authorization is for partnerships, joint tenancies, and tenancies-in-common. It allows one person to sign RRA certification, reporting, or declaration forms on behalf of another person who holds land through the same entity. Notarization is required, and the authorization is not applicable retroactively.

The Parental Affirmation Regarding Nondependent Status of a Minor allows a parent or parents to affirm the nondependant status of a minor for acreage limitation purposes. Notarization is required, and the authorization is not applicable retroactively.


Last Updated: 8/1/22