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About S&T Program

    The Science and Technology Program (S&T) is a Reclamation-wide competitive, merit-based applied research and development program. The program focuses on innovative solutions for water and power challenges in the Western United States for Reclamation water and facility managers and the stakeholders they serve. The program has contributed many of the tools and capabilities Reclamation and western water managers use today.

    Research authorization is conducted under the Reclamation Act of 1902 (PDF, 5.6 MB) and the Reclamation Project Act of 1939 (PDF, 2.7 MB).

    Stories & Media
    • Project Funding

      Reclamation invests $4.92 million in 46 new research projects

      Reclamation is investing $4.92 million in 46 new research projects and $3.4 million to 134 research projects that are continuing in 2022 to support water and power management in the West. The selected projects cover five research areas: water infrastructure, power and energy, environmental issues for water delivery and management, water operations and planning, and water supply development. Please click here for the project descriptions >>

    • Research Magazine

      Invasive Mussels: From Detection to Control

      Welcome to the Fall 2021 issue of the Knowledge Stream! In this issue we highlight Research and Development (R&D) Office efforts to address the challenges posed by invasive zebra and quagga mussels on Western U.S. water management.

      Identifying better ways to detect mussel settlement, predict spread, combat impacts on facilities, and control populations in lakes and reservoirs is a key component of Reclamation’s efforts to control and mitigate mussels impacts on Reclamation’s water infrastructure and in managed waterways. Read Issue >>

    • Project Funding

      FY 2021 Science and Technology Research Projects

      Reclamation is providing an additional $1.5 million in funding for 23 new research projects that will assist Reclamation water and power facility managers, as well as its customers and stakeholders, better manage their facilities and operations. This in addition to the $6.2 million provided in October, $2.2 million for new internal research projects, and $4 million for 134 multi-year projects that are continuing in fiscal year 2021. Learn More

    • Research Magazine

      Canal Health

      (June 2020) R&D is excited to share research progress on canal health in the latest issue of the Knowledge Stream magazine. This issue highlights better ways to identify and quantify canal seepage to prioritize canal improvements, enhance sustainability, and support water delivery reliability.

      Canal sustainability is a priority issue for Reclamation and the western U.S. water management community. Reclamation and partners have constructed over 8,000 miles of canal to service water deliveries. As canals age, water managers seek efficient and affordable ways to inspect frequently, identify seepage areas, and analyze areas of interest to inform response. Read Issue

    • Project Funding

      Reclamation allocates an additional $2.8 million to develop innovative solutions for water and power management issues

      (March 2, 2020) The Bureau of Reclamation is providing a total of $2.8 million in additional funds to 30 new research projects through its Science and Technology Program. This additional funding builds on the previously announced award of a total of $8.9 million for 27 new and 114 continuing projects. “We are pleased with the variety of research projects submitted in this competition,” said Levi Brekke, Research and Development Program Manager. “These projects will lead to innovative solutions for water and power challenges in the Western United States.” Read More

    • Project of the Year

      Reclamation's Science and Technology project of the year control's invasive mussel biofouling in hydropower cooling systems using hydro-optic UV light

      (April 17, 2019) The Bureau of Reclamation's Science and Technology Program focuses on providing innovative solutions for water and power challenges in the western United States. One research project stood out in 2018 and was recently selected as the Project of the Year. The award was presented to Sherri Pucherelli for the project entitled, "Control of biofouling in hydropower cooling systems using hydro-optic ultraviolet light." The award was selected for its positive impact to Reclamation, other federal and non-federal partners, its efforts to address the current Department of the Interior priorities, the involvement of partners, and its level of innovation. Read More

Last Updated: 6/22/20