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Reclamation invests $2.3 million in Science and Technology Development projects

Media Contact: Chelsea Kennedy 7022802824
For Release: Sep 28, 2023

WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Reclamation today announced a $2.3 million investment in 25 new science and technology development projects and 118 continuing multiyear projects. 

The Science and Technology Program provides funding within Reclamation for projects and technology development utilizing internal expertise and experience to address Reclamation challenges associated with managing water and generating power in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner in the American West. 

“Reclamation has a long history of leadership and expertise on technical water management subjects," said Research and Development Program Manager, Ken Nowak. "These projects continue the legacy of Reclamation scientists and engineers bringing innovation to challenges faced by western water managers." 

The fiscal year 2024 research projects were selected through an internal competitive process. Many of these projects partner with internal and external organizations. Partners include technical professionals from federal and state governments, Tribes, universities, and private and local organizations. The partners will provide $6.1 million in cost-share. To view descriptions of all the projects receiving funding please visit the Research Program's Science and Technology website. 

Research proposals were sought in five subject areas: 

  • water infrastructure 

  • power and energy 

  • environmental issues for water delivery and management 

  • water operations and planning 

  • developing water supplies 

Partnerships are a key component of success for Science and Technology research projects. A diverse group of partners for these newly funded projects include: California State Water Board, BGC Engineering,  Biomilab, Bonneville Power Administration, Chemventive, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, ConeTec Inc., City of Buckeye Arizona, Denver Water, EcoOxygen Technologies, LLC., Federal Highway Administration, GeoProbe, Geosynthetics Research Institute, Kansas Geological Survey, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, National Park Service,  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, River Connectivity Systems, Seattle Power and Light, Shannon and Wilson, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Tourney Consulting Group, University of Arizona, University of California Davis, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Idaho, University of Essex, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Western Area Power Administration.      

The Science and Technology Program seeks to develop cost-effective solutions for the technical and scientific challenges that affect Reclamation’s mission. It also seeks to build and strengthen scientific and engineering capacity for Reclamation, communicate solutions to Reclamation offices, other water and power management officials, and the public to build partnerships with other water and power management agencies and stakeholders. 

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