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The Knowledge Stream published by the Bureau of Reclamation’s Research and Development Office, is a quarterly magazine bringing mission-critical news about the agency's research and science, as well as the many challenges associated with managing water and generating power in the West, including: projects, tools, methods, practices, results, innovation, prize competitions, publications, and more.

  • Water Availability: Monitoring and Forecasting

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    Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue of the Knowledge Stream. In this issue, we highlight research related to forecasting water availability. For many Reclamation Projects, springtime means rivers swollen with snowmelt. During this time, operators rely heavily on forecasts of water availability–from sub-daily streamflow forecasts to seasonal water supply forecasts.

    Reclamation staff and partners are working on a range water availability monitoring, forecasting, and long-term projection activities spanning from research to applications. Read Issue >>

  • Big Data in Condition Monitoring

    In this issue we spotlight Reclamation’s efforts to rapidly and reliably assess the conditions of its built infrastructure and natural assets to support management decisions. As technologies are rapidly advancing to support retrieval of large amounts of condition information, Reclamation is challenged to find better ways to efficiently collect, analyze and manage these large volumes of data – often coined “big data.”

    Reclamation innovators are striving to make progress in various related areas, aiming to yield new tools and best practices. Read Issue >>

  • Open Data Access through the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment

    Welcome to this issue of the Knowledge Stream. In this issue we spotlight Reclamation’s new platform – the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment (RISE) – for modernized sharing of mission data that benefits the public, the private sector, and the U.S. economy. RISE includes troves of data generated by Reclamation as it carries out its water and power mission, including data on water operations, water quality, infrastructure, hydropower, and environmental resources.

    Development of RISE responds to federal policy and legislative mandates to make federal data assets more “open” – that is, more easily found, shared and used by public and private sectors.
    Read Issue >>

  • Improving Employee Safety: Noise Control in Powerplants

    Welcome! In this issue of the Knowledge Stream we are sharing about how we’re addressing noise-related safety challenges in Reclamation’s powerplants and other facilities. Reducing noise helps to protect employees from the impacts of noise-induced hearing loss, create a better working environment, and promote employee safety and health.

    We’re excited to highlight collaborations involving R&D Office’s Science and Technology Program, Reclamation offices and facilities, and outside organizations. These efforts involved demonstrations and facilitated adoption – an important act of transitioning maturing technologies into broader use. Read Issue >>

  • Canal Health

    R&D is excited to share research progress on canal health in the latest issue of the Knowledge Stream magazine. This issue highlights better ways to identify and quantify canal seepage to prioritize canal improvements, enhance sustainability, and support water delivery reliability.

    Canal sustainability is a priority issue for Reclamation and the western U.S. water management community. Reclamation and partners have constructed over 8,000 miles of canal to service water deliveries. As canals age, water managers seek efficient and affordable ways to inspect frequently, identify seepage areas, and analyze areas of interest to inform response. Read Issue >>

  • Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility

    This issue highlights the Desalination and Water Purification Research Program’s operational funding of the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility (BGNDRF) in Alamogordo, New Mexico. In addition to supporting clients and fostering technology development, BGNDRF also hosts more than 1000 visitors per year and offers special events bringing together private sector, academic, government organizations, and the public to discuss water technologies. Read Issue >>

  • Prize Competitions

    The spotlight is on the Science and Technology (S&T) Program’s prize competition activities that address some of Reclamation’s most difficult technical challenges in water availability, infrastructure, and environmental issues in water and power management. Topics include: Federal prize competition authorities; when to implement prize competitions and the general process; topic identification and selection; government and private sector partnerships; maturing competition solutions from concept to use; lessons learned after five years of prize administration; and more! Read Issue >>

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