Knowledge Stream

The Knowledge Stream published by the Bureau of Reclamation’s Research and Development Office, is a seasonal magazine bringing mission-critical news about the agency's research and science, as well as the many challenges associated with managing water and generating power in the West, including: projects, tools, methods, practices, results, innovation, prize competitions, publications, and more. Sign Up to Receive the Knowledge Stream →

  • River Restoration

    This issue focuses on work in the field of river restoration aimed at helping Reclamation ensure adequate environmental compliance aligned with Reclamation projects. Reclamation conducts river restoration and enhancements on many of its water projects located throughout the West, often motivated by the goal of recovering threatened or endangered species located within these river systems. Activities may include species monitoring, habitat improvement, stream channel reconstruction, threat reduction, ecosystem health assessment, and more. Read Issue →

  • FY 2017 Research Review

    In this issue, the Research and Development (R&D) Office is pleased to highlight accomplishments toward addressing the many technical challenges facing Reclamation as it manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner.

    These accomplishments were the result of funding support from two R&D programs (Science and Technology (S&T) and Desalination and Water Purification Research Advanced Water Treatment (DWPR)), and through the many project-level collaborations involving Reclamation Regional and Denver Offices, other Federal agencies, and non-Federal organizations. Read Issue →

  • Invasive Species

    Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition focusing on better detection, monitoring, and control of invasive quagga and zebra mussels. This research category is one of the Science and Technology Program’s priorities and supports the Department of the Interior's initiative to protect Western U.S. ecosystems and hydroelectric facilities from the effects of invasive mussels.

    Over the last ten years since the discovery of quagga mussels in Lake Mead on the Colorado River in January 2007, Reclamation has implemented a coordinated response through a Reclamation-wide Mussels Task Force. The Research and Development Office, through its Science and Technology Program, played a key role in this response and continues to do so by supporting research efforts. Read Issue →

  • Power and Energy

    In this issue, you will learn about the Research and Development Office’s (R&D) work in the field of power and energy highlighting research aimed at helping Reclamation meet the Nation’s energy needs by improving the safety, efficiency, and capacity of our hydroelectric plants.

    Hydropower was the first form of renewable energy and was commercially available in Niagra Falls in 1879. Simply stated, hydropower is clean, renewable, and reliable. Reclamation is the second largest producer of hydropower in the United States (U.S.) operating 53 hydroelectric plants generating more than 40 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually. This is enough to power 3.5 million U.S. homes and produce nearly $1 billion in power revenues. Read Issue →

  • From the Regions

    The theme for this issue is “From the Regions,” showcasing research activities led by engineers and scientists in Region and Area Offices.

    While many of the projects funded by the Research and Development Office (R&D) are led by Reclamation's Technical Service Center staff focused on mission-critical field objectives, there are many high-priority projects led by engineers, scientists, and specialists within all of Reclamation’s 17 Western States of the Pacific Northwest, Mid-Pacific, Lower Colorado, Upper Colorado, and Great Plains Regions. Read Issue →

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