These research updates offer brief and current news releases about Science and Technology (S&T) Program research for Bureau of Reclamation end users, stakeholders, and other parties interested in Reclamation's Research and Development Program findings.

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2021 Bulletins
1734 Robust Eco-Hydraulic 3D Modeling Tools for Rivers with Complex In-Stream Structures
1780 Determining Impacts of Long Term Use of RO Concentrate on Atriplex Species, Soil Characteristics and Microbial Habitats
7100 Evaluation of Approaches to Determine Mixing and Assimilation of Reuse Effluent
8116 Merging High-Resolution Airborne Snowpack Data with Existing Long-Term Hydrometeorological Observations to Improve Water Supply Forecasting
8133 An Ultra-low-cost Thermal Energy Storage System using Reverse Osmosis Concentrate
8142 Economic Evaluation of Activities Associated with Invasive Mussel Management
19078 Rotor Installed Corona Mapping of Stator Windings within Large Diameter Hydro Generators
19155 Econometric Analysis and Forecast Model for Reclamation Corrosion Protection Costs
19264 Exploring the Use of Temperature to Understand Recent Drought and Project Future Conditions in the Colorado River Basin
20019 Development of a Platform for Wildfire Incident Support and Evaluation of Post-Fire Impacts
20020 Geospatial Tool for Instrumentation Inventory and Collection and Evaluation of Readings

Last Updated: 9/22/22