Implementation of Conservation Measures

Idaho Irrigation District ramp flume water measurement structure near Idaho Falls.

SRAO’s WCFSP provides technical and financial assistance to Reclamation water districts, which have quality updated conservation plans, to help them begin implementation of measures identified in their plans. Area staff can meet with districts to assess which planned measures would be most beneficial to begin implementation with, and to discuss the type and level of assistance the WCFSP could provide.

Program activities include:

  • Assisting water agencies with implementing water conservation plans and management practices.
  • Provide funds for implementation through cost-sharing activities, typically supplied on a 50-50 share level with the district.
  • Facilitate partnerships with other organizations to conduct implementation activities.
Owyhee Irrigation District crew installing pipeline to eliminate seepage losses from unlined laterals and provide gravity pressure for at farm irrigation deliveries.

Examples of measures that might be implemented include:

  • Installation of upgraded water measurement devices or structures,
  • Conversion of open laterals to buried pipe, frequently providing pressurized deliveries to on-farm sprinkler systems
  • Lining of high-seepage canal sections
  • Automation and telemetry of water control structures and canal systems
  • Development of best management practices
  • Development of water pricing incentives
  • Improved water accounting and water budgets
  • Conservation/management training for district staff.

Melissa Jayo
Water Conservation Field Services
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Last Updated: 4/15/19