About the Project

North-of-the-Delta Offstream Storage; click for larger photo The Sites Reservoir Project is a joint investigation between the Bureau of Reclamation and Sites Project Authority. The investigation is a collaborative effort to evaluate the feasibility of constructing Sites Reservoir, which could store 1.3 to 1.8 million acre feet of water and deliver an average of 500,000 acre feet for environmental, municipal and industrial, and agricultural purposes.

Primary Project Objectives

  • Improve water supply and reliability
  • Provide incremental Level 4 water supply for wildlife refuges
  • Improve the survival of anadromous fish and other aquatic species
  • Improve water quality in the Delta environment and for Delta export

Secondary Project Objectives

  • Provide sustainable hydropower generation
  • Provide opportunities for recreation
  • Provide flood-damage reduction
  • Support emergency response

Project Facilities

  • New offstream surface storage reservoir (Sites Reservoir)
  • Two main dams and up to nine saddle dams
  • Up to three recreation areas
  • New diversion/release facility south of Colusa California,
  • Existing diversion facilities at Red Bluff Pumping Plant and Hamilton City Pumping Plant would use available Sacramento River flows to fill the reservoir

Project Location

Sites Reservoir would be located in Colusa County, 10 miles west of the city of Maxwell in California.

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Last Updated: 11/28/17