What We Buy


Information Processing Resources - hardware and software including personal computers, off-the-shelf software, and telecommunication equipment; Equipment - hydraulic turbines, pumps and valves, motors, transformers, turbines, office machines, safety and drilling equipment; Supplies - laboratory, chemical, and engineering supplies, along with office and equipment supplies.


Research - applied science; Services - systems design, computer maintenance, data processing, janitorial, grounds maintenance, refuse removal, appraisal and title, laboratory and office equipment maintenance, earth science data gathering and studies, telecommunications, architectural and engineering, professional and administrative services associated with functions and mission of Reclamation; for example, water resources planning and development, hydraulics, and facilities management services.


New construction, repair, operation and maintenance of existing structures, including: aqueducts; canals; dams; drainage facilities; electric transmission facilities; levee erosion control; power plants; switch yards; water distribution facilities; office remodeling; highway, railroad, and utility relocation; and recreation facilities, and associated access roads.






Last Updated: 4/6/17