Tips & Disclaimers

The data presented herein is considered preliminary for up to two months from the date of collection. During this two-month period the data will be reviewed for accuracy and revised if necessary. Data is collected every 15 minutes and is transmitted once per hour. To obtain the latest available data while visiting this site, click F5 to refresh. Because of transmission timing the most current displayed data may lag in real time by 1 to 2 hours.

If an error message is displayed it may indicate that missing data is preventing a correct calculation; data transmission is incomplete; or the Web site is down for maintenance.Some errors may require the user to log off, then log back onto the site.

Whether viewing on-screen reports or downloadable files, data will be displayed for all three points of delivery (POD) and in the following order: Rising River, Cassidy and Schwinn. If no parameters have been selected for a particular POD the following statement will appear: No Parameters Selected to Report.

Calculations presented on this site are made using data collected from 00:00:00 hours on the selected start date to 00:00:00 hours on the day after the selected end date. For example: For start date December 2 and end date December 5, the calculation will be made with data from 00:00:00 December 2 through 00:00:00 December 6. By viewing a downloaded data report this concept is made clear. If data for only one day (24-hours) is desired, make both the start and end dates the same.

Displayed accumulated water volume is an aggregate figure, which begins when deliveries are ordered. It represents total water delivered for the current season. When no water is ordered for a particular POD the accumulated volume represents maintenance flows or operational spill by the Biggs West Gridley Water District.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • af: acre feet
  • cfs: cubic feet per second
  • ft: feet
  • ft/s: feet per second
  • F: degrees Fahrenheit
  • dB: decibels
  • v: volts
  • SNR: signal to noise ratio
  • POD: points of delivery

Help for this site is available from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Program Managers

Sonya Nechanicky
Refuge Water Conveyance Program Manager
Phone (916) 978-5559

Spencer Walden
Refuge Water Conveyance Program Manager
Phone (916) 978-5311

Last Updated: 9/20/21