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Reclamation region's map with Interior Region 10 · California-Great Basin circled

Reclamation's Mission and Vision statements:

California-Great Basin Region

The California-Great Basin Region is one of five Reclamation regions across the nation’s 17 western states. It encompasses two-thirds of California, the Klamath Basin, and most of Nevada. The California-Great Basin Region manages one of the nation’s largest and best known water projects—the Central Valley Project—as well as Oregon’s Klamath Project; Nevada’s Newlands, Humboldt, Washoe, and Truckee projects; and Central California’s Cachuma, Orland, Santa Maria, Solano, and Ventura River projects.


President Roosevelt signed the Reclamation Act (also known as the Newlands Act) into law in 1902, creating the U.S. Reclamation Service, which was renamed the Bureau of Reclamation in 1923.

Historical Photo of Derby Dam
Historical photo of Derby Dam—part of the Newlands Project—and one of Reclamation’s oldest projects.

The agency’s quest was to develop and provide water for the 17 arid western states. The 475 major structures built by Reclamation—including Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River—are testaments to the agency’s accomplishment of its early construction mission, which helped establish the West.

Our Locations

Headquartered in Sacramento, the region has five area offices located in Shasta Lake, Folsom, Fresno, California; Carson City, Nevada; and Klamath Falls, Oregon; three specialized offices: Bay-Delta, Central Valley Operations, and Construction offices; in addition to five field offices.

Map of CGB Region

Fast Facts

The California-Great Basin Region:

  • operates more than 40 major dams and reservoirs with a total capacity of over 17 million acre-feet of water storage;
  • provides water for over 3 million acres of farmland;
  • delivers a portion of the water supply each year (in partnership with our contactors) to cities and towns with populations of more than 6 million people.
  • partners with over 300 water and power contractors;
  • has over 2,280 MW capacity in our powerplants; and
  • manages, with partners, 41 recreation sites that have over 7 million visitors annually.
Shasta Dam and Reservoir
Shasta Dam and Reservoir, with a storage capacity of 4.5 million acre-feet, are cornerstone features of the Central Valley Project.

What We Do

The Region works to develop and implement a thoughtful approach to water allocations to serve our water users while protecting the environment. The Region’s goal is to balance the variety of needs among water uses and water users. These include agriculture, urban and industrial use, fish and wildlife, water quality, wetlands, endangered species, Native American Tribal Trust, power generation, and recreation.

Key initiatives and ongoing priorities include:

  • modernizing infrastructure;
  • advancing storage projects;
  • coordinating water supply allocations;
  • implementing water operation plans;
  • providing reliable power;
  • enhancing habitat restoration; and
  • enriching recreation opportunities.
Klamath Project’s Link River Dam
Klamath Project’s Link River Dam regulates Oregon’s largest body of water—Upper Klamath Lake—and helps store up to 562,000 acre-feet of water used for Klamath Project irrigation, sustains wildlife at refuges, and provides critical habitat for endangered species.

CGB Reclamation Team

The Region employs nearly 1,000 people in a wide-range of positions from engineers to park rangers, to fish biologists to administrative professionals. Project managers take the lead in planning contracts, implementing habitat improvements, and furthering infrastructure projects. Operations and maintenance personnel manage and maintain critical facilities in drought and flood conditions, monitor facilities instrumentation, perform preventive maintenance, and oversee rehabilitation and repair projects. Our professional experts provide the design, engineering, construction, data processing, human resources, procurement, budget, and other services essential to getting the job done.

Regional Management Team retreat in Incline Village, Nevada, November 14, 2022
Last Updated: 1/3/23