Colorado River Basin Ten Tribes Partnership Tribal Water Study Report

Chapter 5 – Assessment of Current Tribal Water Use and Projected Future Water Development

Chapter 5 of the Tribal Water Study Report presents each Partnership Tribe's description of its current and historical water use and analysis of its projected future water development through 2060. The chapter is organized by the location of the Partnership Tribes' reservations from north to south in the Basin.  Current tribal water use and future water development are also summarized for both the Upper and Lower Basins.

Although this chapter is based, in part, on information jointly developed during the Tribal Water Study and through collaboration with Reclamation, much of the information was provided by the individual Partnership Tribes. This collaboration does not constitute an endorsement by Reclamation or the Department of the Interior of either the Partnership Tribes’ positions or the information contained in this chapter.

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5.0 Introduction

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5.1 Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation

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5.2 Southern Ute Indian Tribe

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5.3 Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

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5.4 Jicarilla Apache Nation

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5.5 Navajo Nation

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5.6 Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

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5.7 Chemehuevi Indian Tribe

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5.8 Colorado River Indian Tribes

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5.9 Quechan Indian Tribe

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5.10 Cocopah Indian Tribe

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5.11 Summary

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