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Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study
Technical Memorandum C - Quantification of Water Demand Scenarios

"Technical Memorandum C – Quantification of Water Demand Scenarios" updates information regarding the future water demand scenarios previously published in narrative or “storyline” format in Technical Report C – Water Demand Assessment.

This Memorandum presents the quantification of those water demand scenarios. The Memorandum contains a summary of the process to quantify the scenarios, the resulting Colorado River demand across the scenarios, and updates the methods and results of assessing the potential effects of a changing climate on water demand. The appendices present additional information specific to state and tribal demand as well as projected climate change impacts.

Technical Memorandum C -
Quantification of Water Demand Scenarios

File Size

Technical Memorandum

2.2 KB

Appendix C1 - Water Demand Scenario Storylines

195 KB

Appendix C2 - Colorado Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.15 MB

Appendix C3 - New Mexico Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.40 MB

Appendix C4 - Utah Water Demand Scenario Quantification

835 KB

Appendix C5 - Wyoming Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.7 MB

Appendix C6 - Arizona Water Demand Scenario Quanitification

4.46 MB

Appendix C7 - Calfornia Water Demand Scenario Quantification

807 MB

Appendix C8 - Nevada Water Demand Scenario Quanitification

1.46 MB

Appendix C9 - Tribal Water Demand Scenario Quantification

572 KB

Appendix C10 - Climate Change Effects on Water Demand and Losses

1.15 MB

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