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Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study
Interim Report No.1

Interim Report No. 1, which documents the Study’s progress through January 31, 2011, was comprised of six elements:

  • Executive Summary:  Provided a summary of the Interim Report.
  • Status Report:  Provided an overview of the Study and summaries of the Technical Reports.

  • Technical Report A – Scenario Development: Described the scenario planning approach used to incorporate uncertainty in future water supply and demand.

  • Technical Report B – Water Supply Assessment: Described the water supply scenarios and presents the analysis and comparison of those scenarios.

  • Technical Report C – Water Demand Assessment: Described the water demand scenarios currently under development and presents the historical consumptive use for the period 1971 to 2008.

  • Technical Report D – System Reliability Metrics: Described the metrics that have been identified for use in the assessment of reliability of the system to meet the needs of the resources under future supply and demand scenarios.

Note: All files are formatted as .pdf files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Interim Report No. 1

File Size

Executive Summary

466 KB

Status Report (and appendices)

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Technical Report A – Scenario Development (and appendices)

1.3 MB

Technical Report B – Water Supply Assessment

Updated February 2012

2.7 MB
4.8 MB

HTML page

Technical Report C – Water Demand Assessment (and appendices)

new buttonTechnical Memorandum C - Quantification of Water Demand Scenarios - May 2012

2.8 MB

HTML page

Technical Report D – System Reliability Metrics (and appendices)

Updated February 2012

1.2 MB

HTML page

Comments were received on this report through July 8, 2011, in one of the following ways:
  1. E-mail to ColoradoRiverBasinStudy@usbr.gov
  2. U.S. mail to: Bureau of Reclamation
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                           P.O. Box 61470
                           Boulder City, NV 89006-1470
  3. By facsimile transmission to 702-293-8418
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