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Bureau of Reclamation International Seminars and Workshops

Reclamation routinely assists water resource agencies of other countries by providing reimbursable technical training and technical visitors' programs for their staff. Training programs are tailored to fit each request and vary in length from two days to as long as one year. These programs usually combine office assignments and field visits or study tours to Reclamation's Denver, Regional, and Area Offices. Programs may include classes at universities, visits to irrigation districts, and meetings with the private sector and non-governmental organizations. All costs involved with providing training are fully reimbursed to Reclamation by the trainee's government or by a sponsoring agency such as the World Bank, United Nations, or U.S. Agency for International Development. Reclamation typically develops training programs for more than 150 international trainees annually.

In addition, Reclamation responds to numerous requests for short-term visitor programs. These programs may range from just a short tour of Reclamation's research laboratories in the Denver Office to a full day of in-depth discussions with Reclamation technical personnel. Reclamation makes arrangements for more than 800 visitors annually, and there is no charge for such programs. Reclamation also offers international workshops, usually in Denver, Colorado, on specific technical topics such as dam safety and canal automation.

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