Reclamation salaries are competitive with those of other Federal agencies and many private firms. We offer additional pay for certain localities and hard-to-fill jobs, plus annual cost-of-living increases.

Most Reclamation salaries are paid under the Federal Government's General Schedule (GS). Your grade level will depend on your qualifications and the job's requirements.

GS pay is adjusted depending on the geographic area in which you work. Locality pay typically raises salaries from 6 to 15 percent higher than the GS pay plan. Also, certain hard-to-fill jobs--usually in the scientific, technical, and engineering fields--may have higher starting salaries. The exact pay for an advertised position will be included in the vacancy announcement. Current salary rates are available on theĀ opm web page for salary & wages.

Positions in the trades and crafts areas are paid under a system that ensures employees the same rate of pay as people working in similar jobs in the surrounding area. Information on hourly pay rates is also included in the vacancy announcement.





Last Updated: 11/1/17