Annual Cumulative and Historical Average Plots (QNAPLT)

QNAPLT allows the user to plot cumulative daily data and average cumulative daily data in addition to the normal plotting of the daily values themselves under the regular plotting routines. Cumulative daily data are accumulated over a specified period as defined by the user and averaged cumulative daily data are computed for a specified period of years as requested by the user.

Enter the beginning and ending dates for the plot. These dates must fall within a single water year.

Beginning month      Beginning day      Ending month      Ending day  

  Station Parameter Year Annual Cumulative Historical Average Years to Average

Cumulative values may be requested by clicking the "Annual Cumulative" checkbox. Parameters whose values can be accumulated include: daily mean air temperature (MM), daily minimum air temperature (MN), daily maximum air temperature (MX), daily precipitation (PP), daily mean computed reservoir inflow (IN), daily mean discharge (QD), daily mean canal discharge (QJ), daily gain (GAIN) and daily gain 2 (GAIN2) where availiable.

Average values for a specified period of years may be requested by clicking the "Historical Average" checkbox and entering the number of years for which the average is to be calculated under the years-to-average heading.

Base value for cumulative degree-days

Vertical Plot Scale Limits (optional)

Left upper limit    Left lower limit  

Right upper limit    Right lower limit  

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An example of the output plot for this page featuring 2017 reservoir storage, 2017 elevation, 10 year average reservoir storage, and 10 year average elevation for Angostura Reservoir.

An example of the output plot for this page featuring 10 year average reservoir storage and elevation for Bighorn Reservoir.

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Last Updated: 8/5/20