Executive Order 13891, "Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents" directs all Federal agencies to ensure their guidance documents clarify only existing obligations that significantly affect the public, and do not create binding requirements outside of those developed through activities regulated by the Administrative Procedure Act.

  • Guidance documents lack the force and effect of law, unless expressly authorized by statute or incorporated into a contract; and
  • The agency may not cite, use, or rely on any guidance that is not posted on the website existing under the EO, except to establish historical facts.

Please refer to the Federal Register notice implementing Executive Order 13891 for more information.

The following links provide Reclamation's documents that meet the definition of external guidance provided in Executive Order 13891:

Reclamation has an extensive library of internal guidance that details Reclamation's internal procedures, including staff and office responsibilities. While these internal guidance documents are not applicable to the definition of guidance provided in Executive Order 13891, they are available and transparent to the public. Please visit the Reclamation Manual website for more information.

Last Updated: 10/26/20