Projects and Facilities Previously Transferred and Authorized

The Bureau of Reclamation has transferred 43 projects since 1996. In addition, three projects have been authorized to be transferred.

Projects and Facilities Transferred

Project/Facility State Year Transferred
Rio Grande New Mexico and Texas 1996
Vermejo New Mexico 1996
Boulder City Pipeline Nevada 1996
San Diego Aqueduct California 1997
Oroville Tonasket Unit Washington 1998
Canadian River Project Texas 1999
Burley Idaho 2000
Clear Creek CVP California 2001
Palmetto Bend Texas 2001
Griffith Nevada 2001
Nampa Meridian Idaho 2001
Carlsbad New Mexico 2001
Colorado Big Thompson (partial) Colorado 2002
Middle Loup (PSMBP – NE) Nebraska 2002
Sugar Pine (CVP) California 2003
Sly Park (CVP) California 2003
Harquahala Valley Arizona 2004
Fremont Madison Idaho 2004
Carpinteria California 2006
Provo River Project (Partial) Utah 2006
Wellton Mohawk (partial) Arizona 2007
American Falls Res. District #2 Idaho 2008
Colorado Big Thompson Colorado 2008
Palo Verde Diversion Arizona and California 2008
Yakima Tieton Washington 2009
McGee Creek Oklahoma 2009
Montecito California 2010
Provo River (Partial) Utah 2014
Strawberry Valley Project Power Distribution System Utah 2015
Humboldt (Partial) Nevada 2016
Goleta California 2018
Arbuckle Project Oklahoma 2019
Emery County Project Utah 2020
Uintah Basin Replacement Project Utah 2020
Oakes Test Area, Garrison Diversion Unit North Dakota 2020
North Side Pumping Division, Minidoka Project Idaho 2021
Gravity Division, Minidoka Project Idaho 2021
Hyrum Project (Partial) Utah 2021
Provo River Project (Partial) Utah 2021
Middle Rio Grande (Partial) New Mexico 2021
Chief Joseph Dam Project (Partial) Washington 2021
Yakima Project (Partial) Washington 2022
Newlands Project (Partial) Nevada 2022
Rathdrum Prairie Project, Hayden Lake Unit Idaho 2023
Crooked River Project (Partial) Oregon 2024

Authorized but not transferred

Project/Facility State Congress Authorized
Wellton Mohawk (Partial) [1] Arizona 106th Congress
Humboldt (Partial) [2] Nevada 107th Congress
Contra Costa Canal California 116th Congress

[1] A series of transfers to the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District were authorized under the Wellton-Mohawk Transfer Act (Public Law 106-221, dated June 20, 2000). Thus far, there have been a total of six transfers accomplished under the Act between 2007 and 2015, with a potential for two more transfers currently under informal review.

[2] A transfer to the Pershing County Water Conservancy District was authorized under the Humboldt Project Conveyance Act (Title VIII of Public Law 107-282, dated November 6, 2002) and completed in 2016. Currently, two additional transfers to the State of Nevada remain outstanding.

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