Title Transfer Environmental Assessments

Reclamation has prepared environmental assessments (EA) and made findings of no significant impact (FONSI) on each of the eight projects shown below, indicating location and EA/FONSI date. These EAs and FONSIs substantiate Reclamation’s record to demonstrate that no individually or cumulatively significant effects are typically attributable to the eligible types of activities that would be included in the proposed CE.

Project/Facility Year Completed
Clear Creek Title Transfer CVP CA 1998
Carpinteria Valley Water District Title Transfer EA 2000
Montecito WD Final EA 2001
Montecito WD FONSI 2001
Robert B. Griffith Water Project Final EA and FONSI 2001
McGee Final EA and FONSI 2006
Newlands Project Headquarters FONSI 2007
Goleta Title Transfer EA and FONSI 2007
Arbuckle Title Transfer Signed Final EA with FONSI 2014

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