Title Transfer Guidance

Following the passage of P.L. 116-9, Reclamation is actively developing guidance for all title transfer activities by building on the existing title transfer framework and implementing its new authority.

The temporary Reclamation Manual release Transfer of Title for Bureau of Reclamation Project Facilities, CMP TRMR-120, is the interim guidance that Reclamation staff will follow when a requesting entity, such as a water district, requests title to Reclamation project lands or facilities. Reclamation staff will make the TRMR a permanent Directive and Standard in the coming months, and the public, stakeholders, and project beneficiaries will have opportunities to comment on and contribute to its development.

CMP TRMR-120, Transfer of Title for Bureau of Reclamation Project Facilities

CMP TRMR-120 Appendix A, Title Transfer Checklist

Last Updated: 5/29/19