Reclamation Rope Access Program

This site contains links and historical information about our program, and also gives an overview of our capabilities. 

What is rope access?

Rope access is simply the vehicle for transporting the worker to the worksite which cannot be accessed by “normal” means. Workers use ropes to access structures, geologic features, or other inaccessible locations.  Workers rely on these ropes as the primary means of support, positioning, and safety protection to ascend, descend, and traverse a location while suspended in a specially designed harness.  Since 1995, industrial rope access has developed as an established industry, with independent certification and equipment designed specifically for rope access applications. 

How does Reclamation use rope access?

Reclamation has found that rope access provides a safe, efficient means for working at height. Rope Access has allowed Reclamation to work on many features and areas that had previously been left uninspected or required weeks of work to access.

Reclamation has developed several teams of rope access professionals to help maintain and inspect Federal dams and other facilities.  The teams are generally based in the Reclamation’s Regional and Area offices, and consist of individuals of various skills and backgrounds such as engineers, geologists, electricians, and mechanics.  These teams perform a variety of activities, and take on both job lead and support roles. 

Screenshot for Drop Testing of Rope Access Backup Devices PDF

Drop Testing of Rope Access Backup Devices

(1.5 MB pdf without video and 130 MB with video)
By Shaun Reed and Dr. David Tordonato withspecial thanks to PMI, CAMP, Rhino Staging, and Andrew Blackstock.


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Last Updated: 2/5/21