Rope Access Board

Reclamation has established a Rope Access Board of regional and management personnel to oversee rope-access operations within Reclamation. The board is governed by the Rope Access charter (pdf). The Board's purpose is to ensure that all rope access operations are conducted in a safe and consistent manner.  The board oversees training, qualification, and safety review of Reclamation rope-access activities and:

  • Keeps up-to-date on events, standards, and policy which affect rope-access work within Reclamation

  • Maintains familiarity with new equipment that is commercially available and evaluates its applicability, functionality, and safety in Reclamation applications

  • Provides opportunities for rope-access technicians throughout Reclamation to interact and share information relevant to the safety and conduct of rope-access techniques and procedures

  • Establishes uniform training and certification practices within Reclamation

  • Provides guidance to regional rope-access work committees

  • Recommends policy and guidance for issuance by Reclamation management including revisions to Reclamation Safety and Health Standards, and Guidelines for Rope Access Work

  • Reviews and approves the Guidelines for Rope Access Work.

The present Board chairman is Jeff Ticknor (406 ) 247-7628, of the Great Plains Regional Office in Billings, Montana and the Vice Chair is Monte Brewer of the Lahontan Basin Area Office (Mid-Pacific Region), (775) 884-8355.  Please contact either of these gentleman for more information about Reclamation’s rope access capabilities or requirements.


Last Updated: 3/1/18