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Most of Reclamation's rope access involves inspecting “inaccessible” features.  Reclamation personnel have expertise and experience in:

  • spillways and spillway gates
  • penstocks
  • valves
  • galleries
  • rock slopes
Light maintenance:
  • rock scaling and stabilization
  • concrete repair
  • security fence installation
  • pipe and conduit installation
  • removing undesirable vegetation
  • instrumentation

Basic Requirements for Rope Access Personnel :

All members of the Rope Access Team are required to complete the following training:

  • Advanced First Aid & CPR Certified training to include specific instruction in immobilization of spinal column injury and medical shock prevention techniques
  • Permit Required Confined Space Training, including use of monitoring equipment
  • Hazard Energy Control Program and Lock-out/Tag-out Training
  • Electrical Safety Awareness Training
  • Tool specific training for any equipment used by individual Rope Access Team members
  • Rope Access Team Leaders

    Mark Neeley (801) 524-3705 mneeley@usbr.gov Chair
    Scott Foster, P.E. (702) 293-8144 sfoster@usbr.gov; Vice Chair
    Doug Bennett (208) 378-5232 dbennett@usbr.gov  
    Scott Boelman (406) 247-7898 sboelman@usbr.gov  
    Dom Galic (303) 445-2961 dgalic@usbr.gov  
    Reynaldo (Henry) Garcia (530) 308-4794 rgarcia@usbr.gov  
    Robert Lung (303) 445-3190 rlung@usbr.gov  
    Jeff Ticknor (406) 247-7648 jticknor@usbr.gov  

    Reclamation Rope Access Staff Roster

  • Rope access team roster (pdf)


Please contact Robert Lung (303-445-2584) with Rope Access Team questions and Deena Larsen with questions on this website.