Interior Region 9, Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region
Lease of Power Privilege

Lease of Power Privilege (LOPP) is a contractual arrangement between a non-Federal entity and the Bureau of Reclamation to use a Reclamation dam or conduit for the purpose of electric power generation. A LOPP project must be consistent with Reclamation project purposes. Additionally, a LOPP project must not impair the efficiency of Reclamation generated power or water deliveries, jeopardize public safety, or negatively affect any other Reclamation project purpose.

Additional information regarding the LOPP process, how to initiate a LOPP, guiding legislation, and the Reclamation Directive and Standard for LOPP project is available at

12/2019 Banks Lake Pump Storage Project
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Contact for LOPP in CPN

Florence Webster
Region LOPP Lead
(208) 378-5332

Bureau of Reclamation
1150 N Curtis Road
Boise, Idaho 83706

Last Update: 9/4/20