Interior Region 9, Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region
Lease of Power Privilege

Banks Lake Pump Storage Project

Reclamation received a formal request in 2020 for Lease of Power Privilege (LOPP) pump storage project utilizing Banks Lake Reservoir and Roosevelt Lake Reservoir near Grand Coulee, WA. This is referred to as the Banks Lake Pump Storage (BLPS) Project.

Authorized by Congress in 1943 the Columbia Basin Project includes Grand Coulee Dam and three powerplants, John Keys Pump Generating Plant, North Dam, Dry Falls Dam, Roosevelt Lake Reservoir and Banks Lake Reservoir. Together these multi-purpose structures provide irrigation, power, and flood control to the Central Washington region. Grand Coulee has the ability to generate 6809 MW of electrical power.  John Keys Pump Generating Plant has six pumps, and six pump-generators that combined are able to product 314 MW of electrical power.  Roosevelt Lake Reservoir has a water storage capacity of 9.5 million acre-feet.  Banks Lake Reservoir has a water storage capacity of 1.275 million acre-feet.   

The BLPS Project proposal is for a turbine capable of producing 500 MW utilizing three adjustable speed pump-generating units. During 2020 Reclamation will issue a Federal Register Notice requesting for public proposals on the BLPS project, in accordance with Reclamation Manual FAC 04-08.

The BLPS Project falls under dual jurisdiction with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

09/2020 Federal Register Notice


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