Columbia Cascades Area Recreation

Reclamation works with federal and non-federal partners to provide quality recreation opportunities throughout the Columbia Cascades Area. Recreation areas can include campgrounds, day use areas, parking areas, boat ramps, restrooms, roads, and visitor centers. Recreation complexes usually encompass an entire reservoir area defined by an established boundary.

Please check with managing agencies for information about fees, use and regulations at each site; they are all different.

Montana | Oregon | Washington

Hungry Horse Reservoir Flathead National Forest (406)387-3800
Hungry Horse Reservoir
Hungry Horse Dam
Montana Department of Fish & Game   (406) 444-2535

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Recreation Site Manager Phone # Web Address
Agate Reservoir Jackson County (541) 473-2969 Jackson County
Agate Dam
Clear Lake Willamette NF (541) 225-6300 Clear Lake
Wasco Dam
Cold Springs NWR US Fish & Wildlife Service (509) 546-8300 Cold Springs NWR
Cold Springs Dam
Crane Prairie Reservoir Deschutes NF (509) 546-8300 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Crane Prairie Dam
Crescent Lake Willamette NF (541) 225-6300 Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake Dam
Emigrant Lake Jackson County Parks and Recreation (541) 774-8183 Emigrant Lake
Emigrant Dam
Haystack Reservoir Deschutes NF (541) 383-5300 Haystack Reservoir
Haystack Dam
Henry Hagg Lake Washington County (503) 846-8715 Henry Hagg Lake
Scoggins Dam
Howard Prairie Lake Jackson County Parks & Recreation (541) 774-8183 Howard Prairie Lake
Howard Prairie Dam
Hyatt Reservoir Bureau of Land Management (541) 482-2031 Hyatt Lake
Hyatt Dam
Ochoco Reservoir Oregon State Parks (541) 447-4363 Ochoco Reservoir
Ochoco Dam
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife   (503) 947-6000
(800) 720-6339
Prineville Reservoir Oregon State Parks (800) 452-5687
(503) 986-0707
Prineville Reservoir
Arthur R. Bowman Dam
McKay Reservoir US Fish & Wildlife Service (509) 546-8300 McKay Creek WMA
McKay Dam
Wickiup Reservoir Deschutes NF (541) 383-5300 Wickiup Reservoir
Wickiup Dam

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Banks Lake WA Department of Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641
(800) 452-5687
Banks Lake
North Dam
Dry Falls Dam
Billy Clapp Lake WA Department of Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641 Billy Clapp Lake
Pinto Dam
Bumping Lake     Bumping Lake Dam
Cle Elum Lake Wenatchee NF (509) 664-9200
(509) 852-1100
Cle Elum Lake
Cle Elum Dam
Clear Lake Reservoir Wenatchee NF (509) 664-9200
(509) 852-1100
Clear Lake Reservoir
Clear Creek Dam
Cold Springs Reservoir US Fish & Wildlife Service (509) 546-8300 Cold Springs NWR
Cold Springs Dam
Columbia NWR US Fish & Wildlife Service (509) 546-8300 Columbia NWR
Conconully Lake Washington State Parks (360) 902-8844 Conconully Lake
Conconully Dam
Desert Wildlife Rec. Area WA Department of Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641
(509) 754-4624
Desert Wildlife Rec. Area
Easton Diversion Dam Washington State Parks (888) 226-7688
(360) 902-8844
Lake Easton
Easton Diversion Dam
Esquatzel Wildlife Area WA Department of Fish & Wildlife (509) 837-7644 Esquatzel Coulee Unit
Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake National Park Service
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Spokane Tribe of Indians
(509) 633-9441
(509) 634-3145
(509) 458-6500
Roosevelt Lake
Natural Resource Dept.
Spokane Tribe of Indians
Gloyd Seeps Wildlife Rec. Area WA Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641 Gloyd Seeps Unit
Grand Coulee Dam Bureau of Reclamation (509) 633-9265
Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee Dam Facility
Kachess Lake Wenatchee NF (509) 852-1100
Kachess Lake Campground
Kachess Dam
Keechelus Lake Wenatchee NF
WA Department of Fish & Wildlife
(509) 674-4411 Keechelus Lake Campground
Keechelus Lake
Keechelus Dam
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area National Park Service (509) 633-9441
McKay Reservoir US Fish & Wildlife Service (509) 546-8300 McKay Creek NWR
McKay Dam
Potholes Reservoir WA Fish & Wildlife
WA State Parks
(509) 765-6641
Potholes Reservoir Unit
Potholes State Park
O'Sullivan Dam
Prosser Diversion Dam     Prosser Diversion Dam
Quincy Wildlife Rec. Area WA Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641 Quincy Wildlife Rec. Area
Ringold WA Fish & Wildlife (509) 575-2740 Ringold Springs
Rimrock Lake Wenatchee NF (509) 653-1401 Naches Ranger District
Tieton Dam
Roza Diversion Dam   (509) 575-5848
Roza Diversion Dam
Scootney Reservoir Bureau of Reclamation (509) 234-0527
Spectacle Lake WA Fish and Wildlife (509) 754-4624 Spectacle Lake
Washington Department of Fish and Game
Warden Lake WA Fish & Wildlife (360) 902-2515 Warden Lake
Winchester Wasteway Wildlife Area WA Fish & Wildlife (509) 765-6641 Winchester Reservoir Unit

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Last Updated: 5/6/20