Environmental Documents: EA/EIS & Associated Documents

Idaho Status
A&B Irrigation District - Unit A Pumping Plant #2 FONSI 01/2015 FONSI
Purchase of Contract Entitlement in Deadwood Reservoir for Salmon Flow Augmentation 01/2012 FONSI
Construction of a Third Hydroelectric Generating Unit - Black Canyon Final EA/FONSI 10/2011 FONSI
Palisades Dam Security Enhancement Project Final EA and FONSI 03/2011 Final
Ririe Dam and Reservoir Proposed Interim Operations Environmental Assessment and FONSI 01/2011 FONSI
Minidoka Dam Spillway Replacement Project EIS 08/2010 Final
Repairs to Deadwood Dam Access Bridge and Operational Changes to Support Research Activities in the Deadwood River Environmental Assessment 08/2010 FONSI
Anderson Ranch Dam Security Enhancement Project EA and FONSI 07/2010 FONSI
Little Wood River Irrigation District Pressurized Pipeline Irrigation Delivery System Draft EA 03/2010 Draft EA
Deer Flat Dam Lower Embankment Security Enhancement Environmental Assessment 12/2009 EA
Pioneer Irrigation District Title Transfer Proposal EA and FONSI 12/2007 FONSI
Fort Hall National Historic Landmark Bank Stabilization Project EA and FONSI 06/2007 FONSI
Poison Creek Campground Replacement ProjectEnvironmental Assessment 05/2007 Draft EA
Teton River Canyon RMP/FONSI/EA 12/2006 RMP
Deer Flat Dam Upper Embankment Project EA and FONSI 09/2006 FONSI
Idaho Irrigation District Lands Inclusion/Exclusion EA 04/2006 EA
Partial Assignment of New Union Ditch Company Ltd.'s Contract Entitlement in Lucky Peak Reservoir FONSI/EA 11/2005 FONSI
American Falls Reservoir District #2 Proposed Title Transfer EA 09/2005 FONSI
Minidoka North Side RMP/FONSI/EA 01/2005 RMP
Fremont-Madison Irrigation District Title Transfer EA 09/2004 FONSI
Black Canyon Reservoir & Montour Wildlife Management Area RMP/FONSI/EA 07/2004 RMP
Lucky Peak Water Service Contracts Renewal or Conversion EA and FONSI 04/2004 FONSI
Programmatic EA for Implementing Fish Habitat Improvement Measures in Four Mountain Snake Province Subbasins 04/2003 FONSI
Lake Cascade RMP/FONSI/EA 02/2002 RMP
Ririe Reservoir RMP/FONSI/EA 11/2001 RMP
Montana Status
Upper Columbia Alternative Flood Control and Fish Operations EIS 08/2009 ROD
Oregon Status
Junction City Water Control District Long-Term Irrigation Water Service Contract Environmental Assessment and FONSI 06/2013 FONSI
Camper's Cove Resort Final Environmental Assessment and FONSI 01/2013 FONSI
West Extension Irrigation District Boundary Adjustment Final EA and FONSI 09/2012 FONSI
City of Hermiston Recycled Water Pipeline and Outfall License Agreement Draft Environmental Assessment 04/2011 FONSI
One Year Water Rental from Skyline Farms for Salmon Flow Augmentation FONSI 04/2010 FONSI
Tumalo Feed Canal Piping Project Environmental Assessment 07/2010 FONSI
Arthur R. Bowman Dam Safety of Dams Modifications Environmental Assessment and FONSI 02/2010 FONSI
Proposed Water Service Contract Palmer Creek Water District Improvement Company Environmental Assessment 04/2009 FONSI
Klum Landing Campground Improvement Project EA and FONSI 03/2009 FONSI
Central Oregon Irrigation District Water Conservation Project EA and FONSI 11/2007 FONSI
Greenberry Irrigation District Proposed Water Service Contract EA 06/2007 FONSI
Request for Contract to Conduct Mining Activities in the Sucker Creek Withdrawal 03/2007 FONSI
Powder House Cove Expansion Environmental Assessment 10/2006 FONSI
Indian Rock Estates Access Road Easement EA 09/2006 FONSI
Proposed Wanapa Energy Center Record of Decision 07/2005 ROD
Farmers Irrigation District Lower Distribution Pressurization Project EA 04/2005 EA
Prineville Reservoir Repeater Tower EA 04/2005 EA
Larson Creek Pipeline and Fish Passage Project EA 09/2004 FONSI
Proposed Boundary Adjustment for the Westland Irrigation District EA 06/2004 FONSI
Henry Hagg Lake RMP/FONSI/EA 05/2004 FONSI
Tyler Creek Wasteway Stabilization Programmatic EA 03/2004 FONSI
Programmatic EA for Implementing Fish Habitat Improvement Measures in Three John Day Subbasins 05/2003 FONSI
Prineville Reservoir RMP/FONSI/EA 05/2003 RMP
Washington Status
Cle Elum Pool Raise Project 05/2015 Final EIS
Two Shoreline Protection Systems at Lake Roosevelt Draft EA 02/2015 Draft EA
Keechelus-to-Kachess Conveyance Project 01/2015 Draft EIS
Kachess Drought Relief Pumping Plant Project 01/2015 Draft EIS
Record of Decision for the Yakima River Basin Water Resource Management Plan Final Programmatic EIS 07/2013 ROD
Record of Decision for the Odessa Subarea Special Study Final Environmental Impact Statement 04/2013 ROD
Hidden Beach Stabilization Project EA and FONSI 07/2012 FONSI
Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan Final PEIS 03/2012 Final PEIS
Grand Coulee's Third Powerplant 500-Kilovolt Transmission Line Replacement Project EA (BPA document) 05/2011 FONSI
Cle Elum Fish Passage Facilities and Fish Reintroduction Project EIS 08/2011 ROD
John W. Keys III Pump-Generating Plant Modernization Final EA and FONSI 03/2012 FONSI
Odessa Subarea Special Study Final Environmental Impact Statement 08/2012 ROD
Entiat River Offstream Water Wells Implementation EA and FONSI 09/2010 FONSI
Preston Reach Habitat Complexity Project – Phase 1 EA and FONSI 08/2010 FONSI
Third Power Plant Generating Units Overhaul Activities EA 05/2010 FONSI
Steamboat Rock State Park Campground Addition Environmental Assessment 03/2010 FONSI
Sunnyside Division RRM Water Conservation Project Environmental Assessment 03/2010 FONSI
Sunnyside Division Phase 2 Conservation Plan EA and FONSI 09/2009 FONSI
Upper Columbia Alternative Flood Control and Fish Operations EIS 08/2009 ROD
Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases Project FONSI and EA 06/2009 FONSI
Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study Planning Report and EIS 12/2008 Final
Benton Irrigation District Water Conservation Program Feasibility Study Environmental Assessment and FONSI 10/2008 FONSI
Cline Irrigation District Water Conservation Project FONSI 01/2008 FONSI
Potholes Reservoir Supplemental Feed Route FONSI and EA 08/2007 FONSI
Sunnyside Division Board of Control Water Conservation Program EA 09/2004 FONSI
Banks Lake Drawdown EIS 06/2004 ROD
Potholes Reservoir RMP/ROD/EIS 08/2002 RMP
Banks Lake Resource Management Plan 07/2001 RMP

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