Reclamation Peer Review

Information Quality – Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Peer Review Agenda

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directive, Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review, dated December 16, 2004 (263 KB PDF), requires that there be a "systematic process of peer review planning" and public access to a list of information products for that will be peer reviewed as either influential scientific information or highly influential scientific assessments.

Below are the documents for which Reclamation is undertaking peer review in accordance with the OMB directive. 

Questions and comments regarding the Reclamation Peer Review Agenda may be directed to:
David Raff
Chief Engineer

Peer Review Plan Entries
The Reclamation peer review plan entries below will be updated as necessary. Each describes the peer review process for the document in question, including whether and how public comment is sought.  Once peer review is complete, summary material related to the peer review that was conducted will also be posted. A link to or information about availability of the final product will be included in the Summary document.

Highly Influential Scientific Assessments

Draft Report Peer Review Plan Final Report
Climate Informed Decision-Making Guidance View Plan (PDF - 164 KB)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Review of the Long-Term Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project View Plan (PDF - 160 KB)
Klamath River Revised Natural Flow Study View Plan (PDF - 392 KB)
Snow Monitoring Emerging Technologies View Plan (PDF - 172 KB)
Analysis of Deschutes Habitat Conservation Plan and Alternatives for Environmental Impact Statement using RiverWare, Deschutes River Basin, Oregon View Plan (PDF - 120 KB) View Report (PDF - 386 KB)
View Technical Memorandum (PDF-7.9 MB)
Ecological, Economic, and Power Analysis Modelling Informing the Columbia River Systems Operations Environmental Impact Statement View Plan (PDF - 2 MB) View Report (External Link)
Anderson Ranch Water Quality Model View Plan (PDF - 37 KB) View Report (PDF - 132 KB)
Peer Review of Three Lakes Water Quality and Hydrologic Models in its application to spatially and temporally represent the Three Lakes System and predict impacts of the alternatives to improvement of Grand Lake Clarity View Plan (PDF - 37 KB) View Report (PDF - 7.5 MB)
Application of the Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment model (EDT) to quantify the benefits to the Salmon Fishery as proposed within the Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation View Plan (PDF - 20 KB) View Report (PDF - 2 MB)

Influential Scientific Information

Draft Report Peer Review Plan Final Report
Water Temperature Modeling Platform for the Central Valley Project View Plan (PDF - 129 KB)
Technical Memorandum of the Implementation and Impact of Revised Evaporation Coefficients for Lake Powell, 2023 View Plan (PDF - 252 KB)
Lower Colorado River Mainstream Evaporation and Riparian Evapotranspiration Losses Report View Plan (PDF - 180 KB)
Long term Operations of the CVP and SWP Fish and Aquatic Effects Analysis View Plan (PDF - 148 KB)
Kachess Dam - Safety of Dams Modification – Request for Approval / Notification of Expenditures View Plan (PDF - 176 KB)View Memorandum (PDF - 438 KB)
RiverWare Analysis of Tieton River Fisheries Enhancement and Water Reliability Projects, Yakima Project, Washington View Plan (PDF - 120 KB)View Report (PDF - 91 KB)
Analysis of Impacts and Mitigation of Fort Belknap Indian Community Water Rights Development, Milk-St. Mary Basins, Montana View Plan (PDF - 153 KB)
Evaluate Operating Criteria and Procedures Performance Under Future Climate Scenarios Pilot Study (Newlands Project Reservoir Operations Pilot Study) View Plan (PDF - 140 KB)
Implementation Effects of New Evaporation Coefficients for Lake Mead and Lake Mohave View Plan (PDF - 200 KB)View Report (PDF - 244 KB)
View Technical Memorandum (PDF - 2.8 MB)
Scientific Information in Support of the Upper Red River Basin Study (URRBS), Oklahoma - Hydrologic Threshold Analysis View Plan (PDF - 120 KB)
Simulation of Scoggins Dam Safety Modifications in RiverWare, Tualatin River Basin, Oregon View Plan (PDF - 160 KB) View Peer Review Report (PDF - 244 KB)
Analysis of RiverWare Model, Umatilla River Basin, Oregon View Plan (PDF - 160 KB) View Peer Review Report (PDF - 492 KB)
Low-Flow Operations Study at Bighorn Lake View Plan (PDF - 188 KB) View Study (PDF - 4 MB)

View Peer Review Report (PDF - 292 KB)
Scientific Information in Support of the Upper Red River Basin Study (URRBS), Oklahoma - Reservoir Yield Models View Plan (PDF - 92 KB)
Baseline Hydrologic Models Batch Peer Review Plan for Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region View Plan (PDF - 52 KB)
2021 Update of the Dam Safety Public Protection Guidelines View Plan (PDF - 256 KB)
Pacheco Creek Habitat Suitability Model View Plan (PDF - 156 KB)
Scientific Information in Support of the Upper Red River Basin Study (URRBS), Oklahoma View Plan (PDF - 92 KB)
Technical Memorandum No. ENV-2021-001 West-Wide Climate and Hydrology Assessment View Plan (PDF - 152 KB)
Analysis of Existing and Potential New Storage on Scoggins Creek using RiverWare, Tualatin River Basin, Oregon View Plan (PDF - 92 KB)
Comparing Downscaled LOCA and BCSD CMIP5 Climate and Hydrology Projections View Plan (PDF - 28 KB) View Final Report (PDF - 34 MB)

View Peer Review Report (PDF - 180 KB)
Fort Laramie Can No. 2 Failure Mode Analysis View Plan (PDF - 86 KB)
The Thermal Regime of the Columbia River at Lake Roosevelt (PDF - 425 KB) View Plan (PDF - 37 KB) View Report (PDF - 7 MB)
Literature Review and Scientific Synthesis on the Efficacy of Winter Orographic Cloud Seeding (PDF - 5.8 MB) View Plan (PDF - 15 KB) View Report
Lower Yellowstone Project - Intake Diversion Dam Fish Passage Project VIew Plan (PDF - 20 KB) View Report (PDF - 3 MB)
Independent Scientific Peer Review of the Criteria for Protecting Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River VIew Plan (PDF - 27 KB) View Report (PDF - 9 MB)
Truckee Canal Risk Analysis and Proposed Risk Reduction – Advisory Review - Scope of Work VIew Plan (PDF - 24 KB) View Report (PDF- 39 KB)

Discretionary Peer Review

Under the OMB Guidelines, agencies may choose to obtain peer review for scientific information that is not judged influential or highly influential.
Draft Report Peer Review Plan Final Report
Concrete Materials Research Roadmap View Plan (PDF - 84 KB) Concrete Research Roadmap Survey Results Report (PDF - 1.42 MB)
McKay Reservoir Operations Pilot Study View Plan (PDF - 152 KB)
Water Operations Study for Heart Butte Dam View Plan (PDF - 181 KB) View Comments (PDF - 138 KB)
Science and Technology Program 2022–2025 Innovation Strategy (PDF - 648 KB)
Geotechnical Research Roadmap View Plan (PDF - 35 KB) View Report (PDF - 988 KB)
View Disposition Comments (PDF - 120 KB)
Drawdown Cone of Depression from Troutlodge AEM Drain Model (PDF - 5 MB) View Plan (PDF - 20 KB) View Report (PDF - 20 KB)
Paradox Valley Unit Six Month Injection Test Plan View Plan (PDF - 60 KB)  
Invasive Mussel Research Roadmap (PDF - 872 KB) View Plan (PDF - 124 KB)  
Sediment and Eco-Hydraulics Modeling Roadmap (PDF - 560 KB) View Plan (PDF - 76 KB)  
Research Priorities for Mechanical Components of Hydropower Units (PDF - 649 KB) View Plan (PDF - 16 KB) View Report (PDF - 645 KB)
View Comments Disposition (PDF - 44 KB)
Peer Review of Environmental Issues for Water Delivery and Management Research Roadmap (PDF - 3.5 MB) View Plan (PDF - 209 KB)
Scientific Peer Review of the Methow River Subbasin Effectiveness Monitoring Program Report View Plan (PDF - 22 KB)
Research Priorities to Enhance Pipeline Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 741 KB) View Plan (PDF -116 KB) View Report
Research Priorities to Enhance Pumping Plant Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 422 KB) View Plan (PDF - 120 KB) View Comments Disposition (PDF - 69 KB)
Research Priorities to Enhance Dam Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 382 KB) View Plan (PDF - 119 KB) View Comments Disposition (PDF - 69 KB)
Independent Assessment of August 5 Gold King Mine Incident View Plan (PDF - 10 KB) View Report (PDF - 11 MB)
Research Priorities to Enhance Canal Infrastructure Sustainability View Plan (PDF - 114 KB) View Comments Disposition (PDF - 70 KB)
West-Wide Climate Risk Assessments: Hydroclimate Projections View Plan (PDF - 84 KB) View Report (PDF - 11 MB)
Fundamental Considerations Associated with Placing Solar Generation Structures at Central Arizona Project Canal (PDF - 905 KB) View Plan (PDF - 39 KB) View Comments Disposition (PDF - 70 KB)
Independent Scientific Peer Review of the Hydrologic Evaluation of Reeder Reservoir to Increase January and February Flows to Ashland Creek (PDF - 23 KB) View Plan (PDF - 563 KB) View Report (PDF - 577 KB)

Additional information

Department of the Interior Information Quality Guidelines (159 KB PDF)

Reclamation Policy on “Peer Review of Scientific Information and Assessments” (CMP P14), outlining procedures for review of Influential Scientific Information (ISI) and Highly Influential Scientific Assessment (HISA). (540 KB PDF)

Reclamation Procedures for conducting Discretionary Peer Review of scientific information that’s neither ISI nor HISA.

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