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Welcome to the Great Plains Region Biographies home page, providing biographical information on the leadership of the Great Plains Region.

Michael S. Black, Regional Director

Michael S. Black
Regional Director

Regional Leadership

Michael S. Black – Regional Director

Christopher Beardsley – Deputy Regional Director

John Soucy – Deputy Regional Director

Douglas L. Davis – Native American Affairs Manager

Tyler Johnson – Public Affairs Officer

Joan B. Berlinger – Human Resources Program Manager

Maureen Wambeke – Regional Chief Information Officer

Tim Flanagan – Infrastructure & Engineering Program Manager

Gloria Shaw – Financial Manager

Roxanne Peterson – Resource Services Program Manager

Chandler P. Worley – Acquisition Services Manager

Area Leadership

Arden Freitag – Dakotas Area Manager

Jan (Signe) Snortland – Eastern Colorado Area Manager

Steve Davies – Montana Area Manager

Aaron Thompson – Nebraska Kansas Area Manager

Mark A. Treviño – Oklahoma Texas Area Manager

Carlie Ronca – Wyoming Area Manager

Last Updated: 8/10/18