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Navajo Generating Station
1st Interim Response - 6/6/17

Navajo Generating Station
2nd Interim Response - 8/15/17

  • Other (Zip File - 3.5 MB)

Navajo Generating Station
3rd Interim Response - 8/19/18

  • Other (Zip File - 141.7 MB)

Navajo Generation Station

2016 Transition Record

  • Part A - DOI Briefing Book
  • Part B - BLM Transition Materials
  • Part C - BOR Transition Materials 
  • Part D - USGS Transition Materials

Market Rent Surveys

Technical Evaluation of the Gold King Mine Incident (PDF - 11 MB)

San Juan River Water Quality before, during and after the Gold King Mine Spill (PDF -6.1 MB)

DKAO Market Rent Surveys

Shannon Boat Launch Serious Accident Investigation Report (PDF - 2.6 MB)

General FOIA Releases

Glen Canyon Dam - Princess Margaret Visit (Zip file of 10 JPG Photos - 4.6 MB)

Reclamation Manual and Other Policy and Directives

Reclamation Manual
Reclamation Draft Policy and Directives and Standards
Reclamation Rulemaking/Federal Register

Frequently Requested Records

Department of the Interior Frequently Requested Documents
DOI Headquarters Visitor Logs 
Department of the Interior Credit Card Holders
Department of Justice Annual FOIA Reports
WaterSMART Grants

Final Opinions

Department of the Interior Solicitor Opinions

Reclamation General Information

Reclamation Government Performance and Results Act Strategic Plan 
Reclamation News and Press Releases 
Reclamation Telephone Directory
Reclamation Denver Office Library
Reclamation Water Information System (RWIS)

Reclamation Records Retention Schedule

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