Bureau of Reclamation
Federal Register Notices and Rulemaking

Final Rules

Title/Part Number


Title of Rule

43 CFR Part 402

Sale of Lands in Federal Reclamation Projects

43 CFR Part 404

Reclamation Rural Water Supply Program

43 CFR Part 413

Assessment by Irrigation Districts of Lands Owned by The United States, Columbia Basin Project, Washington

43 CFR Part 414

Offstream Storage of Colorado River Water and Development and Release of Intentionally Created Unused Apportionment in the Lower Division States

43 CFR Part 417

Procedural Methods for Implementing Colorado River Water Conservation Measures With Lower Basin Contractors and Others

43 CFR Part 418

Operating Criteria and Procedures for the Newlands Reclamation Project, Nevada

43 CFR Part 419

Truckee River Operating Agreement

43 CFR Part 420

Off-Road Vehicle Use

43 CFR Part 422

Law Enforcement Authority at Bureau of Reclamation Projects

43 CFR Part 423

Public Conduct on Bureau of Reclamation Facilities, Lands, and Waterbodies

43 CFR Part 424

Regulations Pertaining to Standards for the Prevention, Control, and Abatement of Environmental Pollution of Conconully Lake and Conconully Reservoir, Okanogan County, Washington

43 CFR Part 426

Acreage Limitation Rules and Regulations

43 CFR Part 427

Water Conservation Rules and Regulations

43 CFR Part 428

Information Requirements for Certain Farm Operations in Excess of 960 Acres and the Eligibility of Certain Formerly Excess Land

43 CFR Part 429

Use of Bureau of Reclamation Land, Facilities, and Waterbodies

43 CFR Part 430

Rules for Management of Lake Berryessa

43 CFR Part 431

General Regulations for Power Generation, Operation, Maintenance, and Replacement at the Boulder Canyon Project, Arizona/Nevada


Title of Rulemaking
43 CFR Part 420 Off-Road Vehicle Use Closed – Final Rule




Last Updated: 10/1/20