Bureau of Reclamation
Federal Register Notices and Rulemaking

Rulemaking and Federal Register Websites

Department of the Interior Regulations:  A website that provides links to all Department of the Interior codified rules.

Regulations.gov:  Allows the public to find, review, and submit comments on Federal documents that are open for comment that are published in the Federal Register.

Reginfo.gov:  Offers the public a location to find Federal regulatory information.

Bureau of Reclamation National Environmental Policy Act Handbook:  Used by Bureau of Reclamation to implement the National Environmental Policy Act.

The Office of the Federal Register:  The one-stop location to keep abreast of all of the substantive actions of the Executive Branch.

Departmental Manual Chapter 318:  Provides Bureaus under the Department of the Interior detailed procedures for developing rulemaking or notice documents and required forms.

Federal Register Document Drafting Handbook:  Aids Federal agencies in preparing documents for publication in the Federal Register.

PlainLanguage.gov:  Implementation of the Plain Writing Act of 2010.  Guidance to Federal agencies on writing clear communications that the public can understand and use. 

DOI Plain Language:  Department of the Interior’s implementation of the Plain Language Act. 

Regulatory Training:  Training on the nuts and bolts of the Federal rulemaking process and regulation writing. 

Last Updated: 2/1/19