Hydro Power Roadmap

Project ID: 9488
Principal Investigator: Erin Foraker
Research Topic: Improved Power Generation
Priority Area Assignments: 2014 (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation), 2015 (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation)
Funded Fiscal Years: 2014
Keywords: hydropower, roadmap, renewable energy

Research Question

1) What are the common reasons for failure, reduced service life, or replacement for Reclamation's infrastructure components?
2) What mitigation practices are currently used by Reclamation to address these failures or extend the working life of the infrastructure components?
3) What additional tools, measures, and technology, or improvements in existing technology might allow us to extend the service life for these infrastructure components?

Need and Benefit

This research roadmapping project is a tremendous cost-saving effort to revolutionize the way in which Reclamation approaches future research needs for its infrastructure. The benefit is a thorough, calculated approach to infrastructure sustainability. The final products are expected to maintain their validity for at least 5-10 years for research planning.

Contributing Partners

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Last Updated: 4/4/17