More Water, Less Concentrate - Stage 1

  • Poster image of desalination plant faucet with incoming brackish water and outgoing salty concentrate and freshwater.

    Launch: December 13, 2016
    Close: March 13, 2017

    As the demand for fresh water increases, the need to develop new water supplies from non-traditional water sources, such as saline (brackish) groundwater and surface water using desalination technologies continues to grow.

    Currently, significant and desirable water supplies are trapped in concentrate streams that are a byproduct of desalination technologies. The cost to manage or dispose of concentrate is rather large and limiting to utilization of desalination in inland applications. This challenge is seeking innovative concepts to expand usable water supplies by maximizing fresh water production from inland desalination systems, and thereby reduce the volume of concentrate.

    This is a Grand Challenge envisioned to consist of 3 main stages. Stage 1 is a concept challenge requiring a white paper submittal with a total prize purse of $150,000. Stage 2 is envisioned as a subsequent reduction-to-practice (RTP) Challenge to demonstrate proof-of-concept data at the bench scale with a total prize purse of at least $450,000. Stage 3 is envisioned as a Reduction-to-Practice demonstration at full-scale in a field-test setting with a total prize purse of at least $500,000.

    Reclamation also plans to invite industry, non-profit organizations, and venture capital representatives to participate as partners and/or, official judges of this competition and seek potential business deals with competition participants.

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