Bureau of Reclamation Recreation Resource Policies and Directives and Standards

The Bureau of Reclamation Manual (Reclamation Manual) describes the mandatory actions that outline the basic strategies for managing Reclamation-wide programs.  The Reclamation Manual consists of both policy statements and directives and standards.  The following references refer only to the Reclamation-wide recreation program.  Refer to the Reclamation Manual mentioned above for additional policy statements and directives and standards that apply to other Reclamation programs.

Policy Statements

Policy statements establish the overall goals, objectives, and guiding principles for a specific Reclamation-wide program that reflects the leadership direction of Reclamation’s top management.

Concessions Management Policy ( LND PO2) sets forth the policy for planning, developing, managing, and operating concessions at Reclamation projects.

Recreation Management Policy ( LND PO4) defines Reclamation’s overall responsibilities and establishes the basic principles for planning, developing, managing, and protecting public recreation resources on Reclamation lands and waters.

Visitor Center Policy (LND P13) establishes Reclamation policy for planning, developing, interpreting, managing, and operating visitor centers at Reclamation projects.

Department of the Interior, Concessions Management Policy

Directives and Standards

Directives and Standards are mandatory actions that are required on a Reclamation-wide basis to provide consistency in the way Reclamation programs are managed.

Implementation of the Cost-Sharing Authorities for Recreation and Fish and Wildlife Enhancement (LND 01-01) establishes Reclamation’s approach to implementing the cost-sharing authorities contained in the Federal Water Project Recreation Act of 1965, Public Law 89-72, as amended, as well as Reclamation project-specific authorities.

Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) Program Management (LND 01-02) sets forth the requirements for implementing and managing the REA fee program.

Recreation Program Management, Directive and Standard (LND 01-03) sets forth the requirements to ensure effective management of public outdoor recreation on Bureau of Reclamation lands and waterbodies.

Concessions Management by Bureau of Reclamation (LND 04-01) sets forth the directives and standards for planning, developing, and managing concessions at Reclamation-managed areas.

Concessions Management by Non-Federal Partners (LND 04-02) establishes minimum approval standards for all new, modified, or renewed non-Federal concession contracts at developed recreation areas on Reclamation lands.

Visitor Centers (LND 13-01) prescribes Reclamation requirements and responsibilities for developing and managing visitor centers at its projects.

Management of Shooting Ranges on Reclamation Lands (ENV 02-07) establishes the requirements and responsibilities for the management of hazardous waste generated at Reclamation facilities and the remediation of hazardous waste sites on Reclamation lands.


Last Updated: 2/14/22