Hydropower Program

Reclamation Generator Total Capacity

Reclamation's current nameplate rated installed capacity is 14,730,208 kW. This represents a total of 176 generating units located in 53 powerplants for which Reclamation has direct operating responsibility.

Present Status of the Power Uprating Program

As of September, 2005, generator uprates have been completed on 62 units resulting in an increase in Reclamation generator nameplate capacity of 1,867,373 kilowatts. This program accounted for an average increase in capacity of the uprated units of 49.9 percent and represents 12 percent of Reclamation's total capacity. Figure 1 (a) shows the capacity added each year of Reclamation's Power Uprating Program, and Figure 2 (b) shows the generator units uprated each year. Figure 3 (c) shows the kilowatts added per plant. For more information on Reclamation's uprating program see Reclamation's Generator Power Uprate Program Report. Present activities involve increasing the efficiency of many of our units by the replacement of the turbines. This usually does not result in an increased capacity rating for the units.

Last Updated: 2/15/17